Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scan Your Way to Sales Sucess

By now you have probably seen those postage-stamp size squares with squiggly lines known as QR (quick response) codes. And, you probably know that scanning them on your smart phone takes you to a specific website to get more information on the company promoting the code. But did you know that they are also an inexpensive and powerful way to drive sales? 

Here's a case story that will help illustrate the power of QR codes for promotion. Moretti's Pizza was trying to stay "front of mind" with its current and prospective customers to generate more sales. So they decided to initiate a deal-of-the week campaign. When thinking about how to advertise these weekly deals, Moretti's noticed that their competitors spent a great deal of money printing custom pizza boxes with their promotional details and/or sending direct mail flyers with coupons. However, they realized that these methods were not only expensive, but they prevented those companies from being able to change their specials quickly. In fact, these traditional promotions literally had to continue until either the printed pizza boxes ran out or the direct mail flyers expired. Moretti's realized they wanted to do something that was easier and more flexible.

So, Moretti's supplied their current and prospective customers with a key tag that had a QR code printed on one side. Not only was a key tag a unique and inexpensive, it was ideal for their "on-the-go" customers.  As they were planning their promotion, Morttti's realized that most of its customers were calling in their orders from a cell phone and they didn't have their coupons with them. However, with a key tag the customers could simply use their smartphone to scan the printed QR code, see the weekly special, and place their order right from the same phone. If they saw that one promotion wasn't pulling in enough sales, they could change it quickly. With a QR Code, Moretti's accomplished two objectives--making it super easy for their customers to see the promotions and order from their phones, as well as gaining the flexibility to change promotions weekly or even daily based on customer response and competitor's offers.

On another note, Moretti's chose a key tag to give to customers to deliver their QR Code because it was inexpensive, customers would hold on to it, and it was perfect as a reminder for ordering pizza while you were out in your car or driving home from work. But companies don't have to use a key ring for their promotion. There are plenty of other promotional items that customers find useful enough to hold on to and are cost effective. 

For example, this pen with billboard clip is a perfect example. 

Everyone hangs on to and uses promotional pens! This example combines an area large enough for a QR code but it's also a very comfortable writing instrument. Other affordable items that can accommodate a QR code include coasters, insulated can wraps, sticky note pads, rulers and pocket mirrors.

Need an idea on how to use QR codes to promote YOUR business?  Contact me today at 847-398-5500 or at dona.blunt@newportpros.com and we'll create a custom promotion that's perfect for your customers.