Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Attract Women to Your Brand with these Hot Promotional Products

If you are targeting women to grow your business or promote your event, you will definitely want to take a look at these hot promotional products designed to catch and hold your target's eye. Some are practical, some are whimsical but they are all effective for advertising your logo.

1. High Heel Shoe Desk Stand. Perfect for holding business cards, a smartphone, or a tablet in the kitchen. You can never have too many shoes, right ladies?

2. Leather Jewelry Roll. Perfect as a travel incentive gift or to promote a fashion or accessory brand, this leather jewelry roll will protect her jewelry for years. Plenty of exposure and goodwill for your company!

3. Super Fun Lipstick Pen. A fun twist on the old promotional pen, this lipstick pen will become her favorite "go-to" purse accessory. Your screen printed logo will appear around the base of the pen. It's the perfect promotional item to be included in a swag bag!

4. Nail Polish Highlighter. Perfect for college students or teen girls, this highlighter that looks like a bottle of nail polish is fun and flirty. At less than $1 a piece, this is effective and affordable advertising, perfect for a trade show giveaway.

5. Nail Polish Set. This time give away real nail polish with your logo on the packaging. If your company hosts rock star, princess, or spa birthday parties for little girls, tweens and teens, this is the perfect party giveaway item that will help promote your location well after the party.

6. Metallic Fashion Tote. We have all received the eco-friendly tote bags to carry groceries and move away from plastic bags. However, if you want to make an impact and give your client a stunning fashion tote bag for day trips or weekend getaways, try this silver fashion tote. Perfect for women's getaway events or fashion/ beauty conferences.

7. Wristlet Wallets. Cute, fashionable and perfect for beach or summer themed travel or conference incentives. This wristlet wallet is designed for those times when you don't want to bring a bulky purse. It holds a smartphone, money, and offers 5 plastic card slots.

8. Shrug Sweater. The perfect accessory for women and THE perfect raffle gift for women sitting in a conference with too much air conditioning. As an alternative to the fleece jackets or golf gear, consider the feminine and stylish shrug sweater to make your brand stand out by offering a gift designed for your female target market. You can also get some made up to serve as the "uniform" for your trade show booth staff.

If you are interested in learning more about these promotional products or any other of the other items we carry designed for women, I'd be happy to help. Give me a call at 847-398-5500 or email me at dona.blunt@newportpros.com.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Use Promotional Products to Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Does your company have a Wellness Initiative going on? Trying to encourage your employees to have healthy eating habits? Or, do you run a nutrition, fitness, wellness or insurance company? Try using these 5 promotional product ideas that promote healthy eating habits as giveaways at your next trade show or as thank you gifts for new or exiting clients. It's a great way to brand your business and provide value to your clients or employees.

1. Low Fat Cooking Cookbook. Did you know that you can imprint your logo on books and use them as promotional items? This Low Fat Cooking Cookbook is a great gift or Wellness Initiative Kick-Off prize.

2. Compact Indoor Grill. You can add a decal with your logo to this small indoor grill that encourages healthier cooking methods. People will definitely hold on to this promotional gift and see your logo for years to come.

3. Healthy Eating Appointment Calendar. A fabulous promotional item to promote healthy eating and exercising. This wall calendar features clip-and-save recipes and nutritional information. You can add an optional sticker sheet for people to mark when they have exercised or met their goals. Perfect if you have a team of people supporting each other to be healthier. Providing encouragement to your customers or employees is a great way to build brand goodwill.

4. Kitchen Food Scales. Every kitchen should have one of these food scales to promote portion control and healthier eating. Because this item is so useful, it works great as a promotional product with legs. Your logo will be front and center for many years. This item is surprisingly affordable, too, so you can use it for a variety of promotional purposes.

5. Food Portion Plates. This inexpensive promotional item is perfect for kicking off a wellness program. The durable plate is divided into three areas each labeled for the appropriate, healthy amount of protein, fruits and vegetables, and starches or grains. It comes in a variety of fun colors to make sure your promotional item gets noticed. This food portion plate is PERFECT for programs educating kids on making healthy eating choices.

If you are interested in any of these products or want more ideas on how to promote your brand, please give me a call a 847-398-5500 or email me at dona.blunt@newportpros.com. I'd be happy to help you figure out the perfect promotion to build your brand.

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