Friday, March 25, 2016

Hottest New Promotional Products for 2016

Earlier this week I shared the most unique technology promotional products for 2016 that I saw at the PPAChicago New Product Ideas show this month. However, there were a lot of really unique, impactful promotional products that were non-tech that could really help you promote your brand.

Here are my favorite hot, new promotional products for 2016.

Workplace Promotional Products

Portable Water Bottle Humidifier

Everyone at the show was stopping to look at this Portable Humidifier that works from a standard water bottle. Perfect item for the office or while traveling. This item is great for moisturizing the skin, increasing humidity, reducing dust and bacteria or removing odors/smells. Works with any size water bottle. It’s powered by a USB cable and features an auto shut-off after 8 hours. Just keep refilling the water bottle! This is bound to get used and bound to be brand impactful!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Most Unique New Technology Promotional Products for 2016

I recently attended PPAChicago’s New Product Ideas show and wanted to share some of the unique new promotional products out this year to help you market your organization or event. Technology continues to be a hot category for promotional products your clients will hang on to and use, giving you long-term brand exposure. Fortunately this year there were some really unique, new promotional items that would be very impactful for your brand.

Here are my picks for the most unique, new technology promotional items for 2016.

Cobra Virtual Reality Viewer

To create a truly cutting edge impact, the Cobra VR Viewer allows the user to experience virtual reality with any smart phone. Download one of many virtual reality Apps from Google Play or the App Store to a smart phone then look through the Cobra VR Viewer to experience a virtual world, right in your hands. You can print your logo in 4-color on the front of the viewer for maximum brand exposure. This would be perfect to drive traffic to your trade show booth. Hand out the viewers with your logo to trade show visitors, help them download a fun virtual reality app onto their smart phone and let them enjoy an incredible experience. Your booth will be the hit of the show!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Promotional Products that Personalize your Office and Promote your Brand

In our last post we talked about how for most of us our office becomes our home away from home. It's a place that we can personalize. Showcase our unique personality. With a little bit of effort, we can turn our bleak workplace into a happy, inviting place!

Knowing that people have the need to personalize their work space, why not help your customers, prospect, and employees out with some really cool promotional items? The more useful and unique, the better the chance they will display it proudly on their desks. The'll love what you gave them, you'll love that your brand is visible, and everyone wins.

There are an endless number of products available to personalize a work space, but I’ve delved through the masses and found some of the essentials for you. To help you decide what would be valued most, we divided them into categories of what everyone needs in their office to create a comfortable space.

Check out this list of the top five categories of office essentials to make a work space feel like home:


Adding greenery to your office is the number one way to make it feel more like home. Research has even proven that plants lower workplace stress and enhance productivity! This live miniature grass garden will promote a sense of calm in a hectic office environment, and is a great idea for a "grow with us" theme. Use for your next healthy living or relaxation promotion!