Monday, June 9, 2014

Man's Best Promotional Product?

Want your prospects to love your brand? Show their pets some love! Big or small, we love (and pamper) them all--pets that is.

According to the American Pet Products Association in its 2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey, we are sharing our houses with a lot of pets. The total number of pets owned in the U.S., in millions is as follows:

Freshwater Fish        145.0
Cats                           95.6
Dogs                          83.3
Birds                          20.6
Small Animals             18.1
Saltwater Fish             13.6
Reptiles                       11.5
Horses                          8.3

Given our love for pets, it's no wonder that there are so many promotional items that are pet related. Sure pet stores and vets use these items to promote their business because pets are their business. But here are some ways that clever businesses can advertise their brand while endearing themselves to their pet loving customers.

Practical items are always appreciated, like pet collars, pet food covers, travel water bottles for pets, pet bag dispensers, doggie t-shirts and even pet bowl placemats. These items will get used and used again.

Our furry friends shed and that doesn't look so good on a dark suit in an important business meeting. So help those pet lovers with furry friends to catch those few stray hairs at work or play.  The hairs can be easily cleaned up with a 3M Brand Lint Sheet Pack. These disposable sheets are more portable than a lint roller and are just as good at removing pet hair from clothing and other surfaces.  With a logo or message imprint area on the packet cover, this item will advertise your company to a wide audience who will definitely appreciate this useful item. Best yet, this item isn't limited to pet owners as it is universal enough for everyone to use.

If you want to have a little fun with a branded promotional item, these novelty pens in the shape of cats or dogs are adorable.  Who wouldn't find either one of these fun pens to write with?  The uniqueness of these items will make your logo stand out and be noticed and the recipient will have a useful item that brings out the kid in them.

But wait, don't forget the kids! How about an adorable drawstring backpack for children with different animal designs that even include the ears! There is both a dog and kitten drawstring bag, as well as other animals. Parents and Grandparents will line up to grab one of these promotional items for their kids or grand kids whether they have a pet or not. With a large imprint area under the cute face, these bags are a unique way to reinforce your logo and build brand goodwill. 

Most people find puppies and kittens to be irresistibly cute, so how about an appointment-style Puppies & Kittens Wall Calendar with twelve different images?  It's just one of many useful items that appeal to both pet owners and pet lovers while advertising your business.

We have quite a few other pet-related options so give me a call to brainstorm how to promote your brand to your pet-loving prospects and customers at 847-398-5500 or email me at

Have you ever received a pet-related promotional item? Did you use it? What item would you appreciate the most?