Friday, June 29, 2012

Add more Plush to your Marketing Mix

You may call them stuffed animals, but the trade name is plush, attributed to their soft fabric construction. Plush animals can convey your message in friendly and effective way. 

Here are just six of several reasons to consider plush as part of your marketing mix:
1.)  Broad Appeal: this product reaches across all ages, deomographics and industries
2.) Interactive and connects on a an emotional level.
3.) Creative: selecting a specific animal or slogan (i.e., You can re-Lion on our great service.) add playfulness to your company image.
4.) High perceived value.
5.) Small product with a big impact.
6.) A custom plush character sets your company apart from its competitors. 

How have companies used plush animals?
>A university hid a hawk mascot throughout the campus for students to find as a way to promote safety on the campus.
> One of the national hotel chains uses a plush bear as a welcome gift for guests
>A Human Resources department in Florida gave a sea-related character as a way to say thank you to employees for their hard work.
>An elephant mascot was given as a reward to children when they completed an after-school program.
> An auto dealership puts a plush bear in the front passenger seat in every car that they sell.

Are plush animals appropriate for your business?  Contact me to learn more about how plush animals are can add some fun and profit to your company's bottom line.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Need summer-related ideas to promote your brand?  Check out 24 ideas from the link below.  Stay cool and enjoy the warm days of summer!

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Megaphone Speaker is a Sound Brand Builder

It's probably not news to you that Apple has sold 37 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012 alone.  Add that quantity to the phones they have sold in previous years and you have lots of iPhone users.

Many accessories have been invented for use for the iPhones and similar brands.  This new accessory, Megaphone Speaker, is both useful and can be used for multiple purposes.  By utilizing the simple concept of a megaphone, this clever product is not electronic, but it can boost the iPhone's sound by up to 15 dbs, or 2-3 times louder and does this without any power cords or batteries.  This portable device can be used to amplify music, incoming call rings or to enhance the speaker feature for conference calls.  The speaker works when the phone is in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Trade Show Success!
One company gave out this speaker at a trade show by having one of its employees stand in the middle of the booth demonstrating the megaphone's amplifying effect.  As reported to  the speaker manufacturer,  the trade show booth was backed up into the aisle as attendees stopped to see and listen.  More importantly, the attendees also took the time to view the exhibitor's services while they were waiting.  The measurable results were twice the number of lead scans as from the previous year and an increase of requests for quotes by fourfold.  The exhibitor exclaimed that this item created the best booth traffic in their company history.

This item should be heard to be believed; contact me for a demo and to learn how you can print your brand on this unique smart phone Megaphone Speaker.  Soon you will be hearing the phones ring louder from your customers and prospects!

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)