Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Promotional Products Given Away at Trade Shows Work!

Ever wonder why so many companies give away promotional products at trade shows? Because they work! 

A few Universities have done studies on the subject. Most notably, the Promotional Products Association International reports the results of a study done by Georgia State University that was conducted at four trade shows representing the gift, jewelry, dry-cleaning and close-out (housewares, toys, clothing, etc.) industries. University researchers conducted exit interviews at these trade shows, consisting of 18 multi-part questions designed to determine what attendees remembered about the promotional products they received at the shows, their perceptions about the promotional product and its usefulness, and their impression of the companies giving them the product.

The results were good news for marketers. 62.6% of trade-show attendees stated they had received a promotional product. 71.6% of attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product. 76.3% of attendees had a favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the product. 

Providing promotional gifts to attendees at trade shows, increases the likelihood of them remembering your company's name and it creates a favorable impression of your brand. A great return for your marketing investment! 

So what can promotional products do for your business?

Promotional products can be used as a one-time promotion to grab the attention of and acquire new customers. They are effective tools to inform, remind, persuade and support a company’s effort to increase loyalty and sales, ensuring the continuous growth of your business. When it comes to trade show marketing, you can't beat a promotional product's ability to drive traffic to your booth and create a create a positive image in the mind of the recipient. 

Best yet, there are so many unique and creative ways to promote a special product launch or boost your company brand with promotional products. The possibilities are endless and effective.  

For an example, Herr Foods was extremely successful in meeting their trade show marketing goals with a unique promotion.

OBJECTIVES: Herr Foods had a few objectives for their trade show marketing:

  1. Drive traffic to the trade show booth; 
  2. Write orders at the booth with existing and new customers;
  3. Increase brand awareness for the company; and 
  4. Create a positive image for the company in the attendee’s minds.

STRATEGY & EXECUTION: Herr Foods’ decided to promote their company with a trade show booth at an annual vending machine operator’s trade show. The show took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Recognizing the golfing appeal of the location, Herr Foods hosted a lively, attention-getting golf-themed game in the booth. Booth visitors were challenged to use a golf club to lift a golf ball globe onto a tee as spectators around the booth loudly counted down from 10. Game players who were successful in the 10-second time frame won five cases of Herr Foods snacks. Those who weren't successful were still winners since they got to keep the golf ball shaped globe. Of course, no matter the outcome of the game, the participants enjoyed the game and took home something of value with the Herr Foods logo. While Herr Foods was the big winner, as more and more show attendees were drawn to the booth to see what all the excitement was about.

RESULTS: With never less than 6 and as many as 18 visitors in the booth, this was by far the most active the Herr Foods booth had been in 12 years at this particular show. More importantly, the company sold over 4,000 cases and signed on 12 new accounts both at show itself and immediately after the show. By the end of the show, Herr Foods met all four of their marketing objectives: driving traffic to their booth, writing orders, increasing brand awareness, and creating a positive image for the company. By using a promotional product - a golf ball shaped globe with their logo - and a fun game idea, Herr Foods shot a hole in one with this promotion. 

Now, I'd love to hear from you! What's the best promotion you've seen at a trade show recently?

If you are looking to drive traffic to your upcoming trade show booth or see how promotional products can help you meet your marketing goals, give me a call at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at dona.blunt@newportpros.com. I'd be happy to consult on a unique promotion for your business.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New Shape to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Want to draw more people to your trade show booth? Sure, who doesn't, right? Well, here's an attention grabbing idea - showcase your marketing message in 4D with this four-sided, full-color, pyramid-shaped display! 

Tired of the "same old, same old" trade show booth banner stands that can only be viewed from one side?  Have more than one message to communicate, but need to do so in a small booth space?  Then this new four-sided display could definitely be your answer.

The display is 7 feet tall and can be seen from any direction so you can draw traffic to your booth from any angle. It's perfect for a corner booth space. It features strong carbon composite poles that easily open up like an umbrella so it can be set up very quickly by any member of your team. The hardware and graphics are super lightweight and packaged in a soft carry case that can be transported via auto or plane, saving you expensive shipping costs. Best of all, at under $400 each (including set-up charge), it's very affordable. 

Frank Cooper, Vice President of Marketing for the Magellan Industrial Group recently brought his display to an important trade show in China and was very pleased with it. Frank said: 

"The pyramid display unit is extremely unique and does draw a lot of attention, depending on your graphics. The OEM machined parts we displayed on it almost seem 3-D! Many show attendees commented on it very favorably. Thanks for all of your help in purchasing it and expediting the shipping. It’s a real winner!!"

The display is perfect for all indoor venues, such as trade shows, malls, conferences, or lobbies. You can have the same message on each side or have each side feature a different message for versatility.

Make your marketing message pop with beautiful, full-color graphics and a unique 4D display. Don't let all of the attention go to your head, though.

If you want to learn more about this unique and effective trade show booth signage, give me a call at 847-398-5500 or email me at dona.blunt@newportpros.com. 

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