Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Use Personalization to Create Unique and Memorable Promotional Materials

Want to get your promotional marketing material read, kept and remembered?  Personalize it! Personalized copy is the way to go with marketing material. It's human nature to pay attention when you see your name, right? It's also eye-grabbing when you see your name inserted into a graphic that looks as if it were designed just for you. Digital printing has come a long way and it's easy for your business to take advantage of its customized features to Wow! your customers and prospects.

To bring this idea to life, let's take a look a successful example of a personalized promotional piece. WINGS, a not-for-profit group, was trying to encourage early registration for its 13th annual Benefit Ride.  In order to do so, they had to make their mailing unique and grab their potential participants' attention. The personalized postcards they created accomplished their objective and then some. Not only did the postcard cause a buzz when it was first received, early registrations were up over 40% from the previous year!

Another very popular personalized item that will grab your client's attention is this calendar where the recipient's name is incorporated directly into each month's photo. It's not just printed in a text box or typed onto of a photo. It is actually incorporated into the photo as if it were photographed that way. This is one calendar that someone will certainly keep on display for at least 12 months!

So how else can you use this technology to promote your business? How about signing people up at your trade show booth to receive one of these personalized calendars if they fill out a form to request more information?  Because these calendars can start with any month, they are good for follow-up visit gifts or in a mailing with a proposal and sales literature. Insert your customer's name on your sales postcards and tell them you miss them. It's so easy to do, especially if you have been collecting names for your mailing list.

Technology has made it easy and cost effective to grab your clients' attention, so consider getting personal and adding individual names to your marketing materials. It's a unique way to set your business apart from the competition.

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