Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dona Blunt recognized by Kaeser & Blair

Dona Blunt, MAS recently attended the Kaeser & Blair (K & B) convention in Hebron, KY.  At the Saturday awards event, Dona was recognized as being in Kaeser's top 1% of all of its dealers.  The photo shows Kurt Kaeser, president of Kaeser & Blair presenting Dona with a Waterford crystal bowl award for her sales achievement in the 2011-2012 sales year. 

Dona became a K & B dealer in July 2010; this the second consecutive year that she has received this prestigious sales award.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Planning a Meeting or Convention?

Planning a meeting, large or small can be stressful.  There are so many details and things to check on.  Below is a A -Z (almost) checklist that may assist you in making sure that you include all the items that enhance a meeting and make it memorable. 

--Attendee Gifts
--Binders & Index Tabs
--Board of Director Gifts
--Booth Displays
--Buttons, Lapel Pins
--Flags, Banners & Signs
--Flash Drives for storing meeting notes and proceedings
--Golf Outing Gifts & Awards
--Hospitality Suite Items: Napkins, Glasses, Stirrers, etc.
--Name Badges, Neck Lanyards
--Pens, Pencils, Markers
--Plaques, Awards
--Portfolios, Presentation Folders, Tote Bags
--Room Gifts
--Scratch Pads
---Speaker Gifts
--Table Favors
--Uniforms and imprinted garments
--VIP Passes
--Volunteer Gifts
--Wristbands for admission to events

Monday, September 3, 2012

Promotional Idea that Went Very Wrong

Exerpted from
" A promotional product may have made the wrong kind of impact at a Northeastern (Massachusets) high school this week.  The bomb squad was called to investigate a "hissing" device found outside of Austin Prep School in Reading, Mass., on Wednesday. A teacher found the item and reported it to the authorities as a pipe bomb,  Police evacuated the school and brought in the bomb squad, which x-rayed the canister before determining that it was not dangerous. Inside the cylindrical package were flyers for a school supply company and a promotional, light-activated noisemaker. The aim of the promotion and the name (of the ) supply company were not identified, although reports that it was sent by a marketing company in Minnesota."

The photo above shows the bomb squad outside of the school, working on "defusing" the package.

So, how does this apply to your promotions??  Should you attempt to use unusual or novel promotions?  Is humor a good thing in promotions?

The answer is "sometimes".  Utilizing an unique or humorous type of mailer is often the best way to break through the clutter' of the volume of marketing campaigns that your customers and prospects receive. 

But working with a promotional company who will provide a more impartial look at your intended promotion can help prevent marketing disasters.  Any "out of the box" type of promotion should first be cleared by the post office and tested on a small scale to determine if there will be any unintended consequences.   Another safe manuever is to adapt a proven campaign done previously by a company in a different industry from yours; they have already worked out the bugs and you will still have an unusual promotion that has been proven to be effective.

Do you have a direct mail campaign in your future?  Contact me today to receive case histories of other campaigns that you can modify to achieve your marketing needs.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

New tee shirt record

Andy Coyne of Greenville, South Carolina, reclaimed the Guinness World Record for number the of T-shirts worn by an individual on Jan. 5th at the PPAI Expo 2012 in Las Vegas . Coyne, who originally set the record in June 2009, established the new record by wearing 249 Hanes T-shirts.

For 2012 look for the continued expansion of organic cotton and other eco-friendly types of tee shirts as well as more emphasis on moisture-wicking blends, rather than the traditional 100% cotton tees.

The 2012 color charts have been published and there are many more color options being offered.  One tee shirt manufacturer now has 98 colors from which to choose!  Which color(s) are predicted to be best sellers?  When promotional product distributors throughout the country were polled for their prediction for the best selling tee shirt colors in 2012, the results were as follows--
Black-39%; White--26%, Red--11%,Blue--9%,Yellow-8% and Green--7%.

Don't wear more than one shirt at a time or have a preference for a new fashion color?  I can help you select the most appropriate shirt for your needs.  Be sure to ask me about the variety of decorating techniques, such as discharge printing, sequins as well as the traditional screen printing or embroidery.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)