Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To Incorporate Personalization So Your Branded Promotional Products Stand Out

There is power in personalization. Say you are at a conference and the event host hands you two boxes, one wrapped with no name and one wrapped with your name on it. Which one would you open first? Probably the one with your name on it because you feel it was chosen specifically with you in mind. Seeing your name on a gift makes you feel special.

There is a trend in promotional products to give clients, customers, prospects, and employees that same special feeling. Big brands are showing us this trend can give your promotional products an extra edge.

Late last year Coca-Cola introduced their “Share a Coke” campaign featuring personalized bottles. People across the globe went nuts for them, and now their rival, PepsiCo, has introduced their own personalization campaign through their Frito-Lay division with customized bags of potato chips.

So, what does this mean for your brand? Delight your audience by taking your promotional products to the next level and giving them something personalized. People like seeing their name on items because it shows you got them something specifically with them in mind. It creates brand goodwill.

Here are two ways you can incorporate the latest personalization trend in to your branded promotional products - both the product itself or the packaging it comes in:

Gift Sets and Boxes

Not only does personalization add a nice touch, but a gift box or package also enhances the look and feel of your item compared to presenting it in a generic gift bag, which can still be nice, but doesn’t have the same touch.

Plus, when giving a gift in a set or box you can opt for either personalizing the items in the gift set and/or you can personalized the packaging with a label or insert card.

Some of our favorite personalize-able gift sets and items available with gift box packaging include golf kits, pen boxes, garment boxes for your logoed clothing items, or sleek t-shirt cans for another fun garment packaging option.

Personalized Logo Items

In general, personalized logo items are the type of promotional product most people think about when they want something personalized. And whether it’s a mug, golf towel, apparel, you name it, well, you can put a name on it.

These kinds of gifts are perfect for showing employee or customer appreciation and their perfect for commemorating events like work anniversaries, annual retreats, or as an award gift. The options for items and occasions are truly unlimited.

The major plus to personalized items? It’s never been easier or more affordable to place orders for personalized products. Gone are the high prices of customization now that it is an expected ordering option among quality service and product suppliers.

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