Friday, January 24, 2020

Promotional Fitness Products Provide Improved Brand Health for Your Business

Give the gift of fitness and reap the rewards for your brand! Providing personal fitness products to your clients, prospects, and staff members provides a whole host of benefits - for them and for your business.

Body Solid Fitness Pack

This amazing set of products includes a Yoga Exercise Mat, 18 in. Foam Roller, and five Resistance Tubes, all packed in a convenient tote bag. The Yoga mat features a light-tack non-slip surface with just the right cushioning for your bones and joints. Foam Rollers are perfect for balance and stability exercises, strength training and physical therapy. Resistance tubes are ideal for strength training and rehabilitation and allow you to work in multiple planes of movement. This is an impactful wellness gift that will truly set your company apart.

Health Jotter

NEW! A journal to help you track all of your health and wellness goals. The Health Jotter comes in a convenient size that travels easily. Includes a full-color front cover and black chipboard back cover, as well as 70 sheets of stock filler that includes a habit tracker on the left side and a meal tracker on the right side. You can even customize 2 four color inserts for this useful product! Your four color logo will appear front and center on the cover.

Clear Creek Outdoor Essentials Kit

How handy is this kit? This clear camping or outdoor adventure travel case includes 0.33 ounce pen sprays of after sun, insect bite relief, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, and SPF30 sunscreen. It's perfect for those who love the outdoors! Your one color logo appears on the front of the case for maximum visibility.

Sharing these fitness items will have a lasting impact! If you'd like to place an order or discuss other options for your business, contact me today at or 847-398-5500.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Wearable Fitness: A Top Fitness Trend for 2020

As our population grows older and lives longer, a huge focus for individuals relates to staying fit and healthy for as long as possible. This has led to the prevalence of wearable fitness technology, a business worth over $25 million according to industry information. And according to, over 60 million users will be wearing tech devices in 2020, which leads to a huge opportunity for branded promotional products.

The goal of any successful promotional product is to share a message for your company in a manner that will resonate with recipients and will have a prolonged shelf life or an extended period of use. So how does wearable tech fit into this idea?

Sharing a message:
A successful promotional product shares your logo or brand identity.

Resonating with many recipients:
From avid athletes to weekend walkers, millions of people are wearing sports tracking devices.

Prolonged shelf life:
Once people embrace the idea of wearing tech items to track their progress, they can't seem to let go.

Perfect for many industries:
These wearable tech promotional items are the perfect products to promote a variety of businesses from fitness centers to health care providers. It's also a great gift for employees to kick off internal wellness programs - no matter what business you are in. Showing your appreciation for the benefits of a healthy lifestyle will show your employees that you care about them! 

This is where I can help - with a personalized fitness tracker for your business, your clients, your prospects, or your staff.

Excel Precision Sports Fitness Tracker

Our Sports Fitness Tracker has the sleek looks and features everyone wants. This amazing piece of wearable technology includes bluetooth sync, a touchscreen display, a pedometer, a monitor for calories/distance/sleet, a remote camera, a call reminder and an alarm clock with vibration. It's also waterproof to IP67, comes with a downloadable fitness app, is individually gift boxed and works with Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 or above. Add your logo for a promotional product that they will wear proudly, reminding them of your brand message while they also share that message every time they put it on their wrist.

For more information about this popular and effective item, contact me today at 847-398-5500 or for a consultation or to place your next promotional product order!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Three Wellness Items Perfect for Promotional Giving

When you provide someone with a useful, high-quality promotional product, it really pays off! These three wellness items will provide an impact when you hand them out at trade fairs, events, or as gifts. Since they are so very useful, they have a long shelf life and will share your logo and brand messaging for an extended period of time. So go ahead and give the gift of wellness!

Green Tea Assortment Gift Box

An elegant and easy introduction to the world of Tea Forte! The petite presentation box is the perfect way to reward business associates and let them experience the healthful benefits of tea with a collection of 10 pyramid infusers that include blends like Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, Lemon Sorbetti, Oasis and Sencha. You can imprint a four color logo or marketing message on two sides of the box. 

Branded Gel Pack

This large gel pack can be used hot or cold to provide relief! With a large, one color imprint area, this useful product will be kept for a long time, sharing your brand message over and over again! Available in five colors, choose the one that works best for your logo. This item is very budget friendly as well.

Digital Oral Thermometer

Is business heating up? Then add your company name or logo to this flexible digital thermometer and hand them out at the next medical conference you attend! It features high accuracy, fast response time, easy to read digital display, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, and beeps when ready. Includes a clear acrylic case for easy storage. Available in either blue or red, your one color logo can be imprinted on the thermometer.

While small in size, these health-inspired items will have a large effect when you hand them out. To place your order, or find the health item perfect for your new year, contact me at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Maximize Your Marketing Impact with a Bigger Imprint Area!

Adding promotional products to your marketing mix can exponentially increase the effectiveness of your campaign. But how do you make sure your brand or marketing message really gets seen? Choose a promotional product with a large imprint area!

The following items offer a large full-color imprint area that will effectively share your brand message from floor to counter and from desk to table.

DigiPrint™ High Definition Nylon Indoor Carpeted Logo Mat

Make the right first impression when you advertise your brand on this premier logo mat! The new DigiPrint™ High-Definition 3' x 5' mats have revolutionized the logo mat industry! We are able to print images with almost 10 times the resolution of our current printers.  With more detail and clarity than ever before, DigiPrint™ HD logo mats provide remarkable distinction for your promotional needs. Available in 10 colors and certified "high traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Put Your Marketing on the Move with these Wearable Promotional Products

We are all looking for ways to spread our brand message to the right target audiences. When you give your clients, customers, and team members a wearable item that they love, they will turn into brand ambassadors right before your eyes.

From a simple lanyard to a lovely celebration watch, these wearable items will have your marketing on the move in areas that are right for your brand.

Custom Printed Lanyard

Polyester lanyards offer a near perfect balance of high performance product and a great low price. These are our most popular style of customized lanyards. Starting with top-quality polyester material, your logos are imprinted onto the surface using a state-of-the-art screen printing process, which produces vibrant and highly wear-resistant printed lanyard. Free attachment: choose from J-hook, keyring, bulldog, lobster. Available in 11 different colors, you're sure to find one perfect for you needs.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Winter Promotional Items Everyone Can Use!

These winter promotional items are so handy they are sure to have a strong shelf life, sharing your branding message all season long! Choose from snow brushes to safety items to calendars. Each one will provide a lasting impression on all who receive them.

32" Essential Snowbrush

This snowbrush includes a lightweight, ultra-strong 32 in. anodized aluminum shaft with molded foam grip for maximum comfort. The wide 8 in. flared brush has extra thick bristles along with a large 4 in. heavy-duty ice scraper blade with ice chippers. Available in three colors, you logo will be printed in one color on the shaft of the brush. These snowbrushes are a deal, less than $7 each.

Winter Booster Cable Kit Plus

This safety kit includes lots of on-the-road essentials including booster cables, antifreeze, gloves, warmers, and an ice scraper. Bag available in four colors with your one color logo screen printed on the front.

Double Wall Insulated Paper Cups

These double wall insulated paper cups keep hot drinks hot, cold drink cold, hands comfortable, and advertisers happy! Printed in Hi-Definition full-color giving you a colorful, economical cup promotion that makes your first impression a great one. Excellent for meetings, events, safety programs, and seminars-any place you want to influence beverage drinkers with a visually powerful, economical item. Four color process printing to wrap the whole cup in your logo or marketing message.

MousePaper® Calendar 12 Month Paper Mouse Pad

These popular MousePaper® Calendar 12 Month 7.25"x8.5" Paper Mouse Pads have your message printed on each page combined with a monthly calendar. Built with 30% post-consumer recycled paper, these eco-friendly calendar mousepads are a promotional "triple-threat" giving you the full impact of a monthly calendar, note pad, and mouse pad. You can start your calendar on ANY month creating an effective calendar promo any time of year. Price includes four color printing on one side. Under $4 each, these are a handy item to keep your brand top of mind. 

3'x5' Waterhog™ Impressions HD Floor Mat

The Waterhog™ Impressions HD offers a high definition print with a water dam border that will trap dirt and moisture. It's the perfect way to keep your lobby or entryway dry this winter. Floor mat available in 10 colors with full digital printing on the front for your logo, product photo, or marketing message. 

If you are looking for the perfect winter item to share your branding message, contact me to order one of these items or we can discuss other options for your marketing needs. I can be reached at or 847-398-5500.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Clients and Employees

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to let your customers know you care. Brand these items as gifts or giveaways, or use as appreciation gifts for your employees.

Custom Acrylic Ornaments

Have your logo or artwork laser etched on to these amazing Custom Acrylic Ornaments! This product can be die cut into any custom shape and comes with a 3/8" ribbon. This promotional product is perfect for any occasion and includes custom laser engraving, blank ribbon, and custom shape. It's a great way to highlight a marketing message or promote a unique logo. Optional: Imprint a your logo or message again on the ribbon for an additional fee. This is a high impact product with a minimal cost.