Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Disruptions in the Global Supply Chain and How that Affects Promotional Product Orders

New Coronavirus Outbreak in China 

Over one year into the coronavirus pandemic and we started to see things getting back to normal in many parts of the world. At least we started to. But then an out break from the southern region of China led to more problems at the ports and possible product price increases. 

The global supply chain continues to be impacted by the Covid outbreak causing prolonged replenishment times, decreased freight capacity, and product price increase across a variety of categories.  The decreased freight capacity is one of the biggest setbacks we have yet to see.  To expand, a normal container coming from China going to the East Coast would usually cost $3,000 dollars. Now, that same shipment would cost $9,000 dollars. 

Even at this heightened price, there is no guarantee of regular, on time, sailing dates. Therefore, suppliers are being forced to use premium freight which is an increase of at least 35%. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Save The Date! Juneteenth is Here to Stay!


Save The Date! (Juneteenth- Now A Federal Holiday, Is Here to Stay)

On June 17th, 2021, President Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act. Going forward, on June 19th, we will celebrate the day that General Gordan Granger rode into Galveston, Texas to announce that the Civil War had ended and two years prior, President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Slavery was over.

An extremely important moment in American history and 156 years later it's recognized as a federal holiday.

Many companies like Target, Spotify, the NFL, Postmates and Nike are showing their support for the new Holiday with products, specials, door busters and celebrations.   

 At Newport Promotions we are here to help you celebrate the new Holiday with your customers and employees. We would love nothing more than to help you remember Juneteenth by providing you and your important audiences with a branded calendar highlighting this new Holiday. However, there is just one tiny problem…

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Can't Shake The Anxiety?

Can’t shake the anxiety? A new tool to help you calm the nerves.

Nervousness, leg shaking, finger tapping. Your palms are sweaty and you’re getting sick to your stomach. It’s an anxiety overload. You need something to take your mind off your circumstances, something to calm you down. Can’t focus on the task ahead of you? Feeling the brain fog take over? Don’t worry there’s a solution just waiting for you to pick it up.

The Push Pop Fidget Toy is a novelty toy that helps relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD, Autism and more. It’s a game for all ages that can help develop brainpower and has the ability to cultivate logic and reasoning.

How Does The Push Pop Fidget Toy Work?

It’s made of friendly silicone and ABS, is lightweight and small in size so it’s easy to carry anywhere. The Push Pop Fidget Toy engages you in simple repetitive motions to filter your sensory elements that could be distracting, stressful or anxiety inducing.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Best Promotional Items to Show Pride Support!

Festivals start happening, lawn chairs are brought out to the park, friends and family gather in celebration while listening to music fill the air. Pride month is almost upon us! Are you stocked and ready for the best items to buy for Pride?

Your company could be leading the progression in the economy by growing in the LGBTQ+ community and gaining an increase in the rising Generation Z employment retention.

Harvard Business Review reveals in their case study, “LGBTQ inclusion is good for the economy, and as more and more businesses make this connection, they are stepping forward to make the economic case for non-discrimination protections and against discriminatory laws.”

Newport Promotions Shipping and Port Delays

Whether you are ordering safety supplies for your businesses, employee anniversary awards, or promotional items for a virtual or outdoor live event, we all need our purchases on time.

The past year has been quite the roller coaster for everyone. It's been no different for the promotional products business. While everyone is trying to recover, no matter the industry, we wanted to keep you updated on some delays we are seeing with promotional product orders.

The industry is still experiencing a few setbacks in shipping and port delays. 50% of vessels are delayed by a sixteen-day average before departing.

There is a continuous shortage of containers at Asian ports causing the departure delay across the board and because of the delay, there is plenty of congestion affecting the North American ports.

You may also experience longer than usual transit times, which also increases ocean charges. This makes almost all items more expensive. Many of the additional freight charges have been absorbed in the past, but prices will need to increase very soon.

These shipping and port delays are an inconvenience but know that everyone in the supply chain is doing all they can to get your order shipped out. 

For more information on COVID-19 updates read, “What is Going on with Promotional Product Orders?”

Contact me today at dona.blunt@newportpros.com or 847-398-5500 should you have any questions regarding shipment delays or your purchases.

Most of all I hope everyone stays healthy and enjoys the summer.

Dona Blunt, MAS
Newport Promotions

Friday, March 19, 2021

Promotional Products are Music for the Ears!

The award season has started and people are thinking of television, movies and lots of music! These musically inspired products will provide the sweet sound of revenue as your brand is front and center in so many practical and usable ways.

Recycled Vinyl Record Custom Cut LP Wall Clock

These recycled vinyl record clocks make a great premium or merchandise item. Made with two original 12" vinyl records, choose from our stock designs, or create your own for an additional set-up charge. Your full color imprint will appear in the center of the record album. Clocks are individually packaged in a corrugated, windowed display box and are ready to hang. An awesome VIP gift for a music lover or musical event. 

Mini Record Coasters

These coasters have the look and feel of real vinyl records, complete with tiny grooves! These musically inspired coasters feature full-color custom imprinted labels on one side with a silicone non-slip ring on bottom. Coasters are 4.125" in diameter, with a 2.5" full color label. The price on these is fantastic as well. Under $4 each.

Large Record Journal

Eco-friendly, these cool journals are made with original vinyl records on the cover. The are great for conferences, premiums, and merchandise. Journals feature 100 sheets of lined paper and a full-color custom record label on the cover. The Journal offer a large imprint area for your full color brand or marketing message - 4" diameter space.

Contact me today at dona.blunt@newportpros.com or 847-398-5500 to see if we can create some marketing music together to promote your brand and your initiatives. 

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Friday, February 5, 2021

3 Hot New Promotional Products for a Cool New Year

2020 was a difficult year for many, and people around the world have been looking forward to the start of 2021 for quite a while now. Get the new year started the right way with these three innovative products that cover a range of ideas from resolution solutions to sweet treats to travel safety.

Ionshield™ Airplane Pocket - Stretch Fabric Cover With Pockets For Airplane Tray Tables

Getting ready to travel? This stretchable cover for airplane tray tables is a must have item. With four expandable pockets providing plenty of room to hold a laptop computer, water bottle, phone, eyeglasses and more - you can keep your items secure and separated from other surfaces. The generous imprint area will showcase your brand message clearly! 

Mrs. Fields Mug & Cookies With Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Set

Share the chocolate love this new year with an amazing selection of chocolate treats - featuring this year's hottest item - a hot chocolate bomb! Gift set includes 11 oz. Full Color Ceramic Mug filled with (1) 3-pack of our Mrs. Fields® Chocolate Chip Cookie Nibblers all packaged in a custom full color box. Paired with our exclusive Hot Chocolate Bomb in Full Color Gift Box, this is a delicious combo that is sure to please!

Egg Weights 3.0 lb. Cardio Max Weight Set

The new year brings new resolutions - many of them fitness related. Make the workout more effective with these patented egg weights! Two 1.5 pound weights come with a logo branded bag - perfect for working out at home or on the go. The preferred option for fitness among many professional athletes and amateurs alike, Egg Weights move with the body during exercise adding intensity to any workout from boxing to running to yoga and more. Free 30-day fitness app trial membership included.

Contact me today at 847-398-5500 or dona.blunt@newportpros.com to personalize one of these hot products for the new year!

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