Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7 Portable Speakers to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Portable speakers are the perfect item for both personal and business use, making them the perfect promotional item for your company. Portable speakers can be used for anything from streaming music by the pool to producing the sound for business presentations and conference calls.

However, you don't want to give your valued customers and employees the same old portable speakers they can get anywhere. Make your brand stand out with new and unique choices like waterproof speakers, speakers with a built-in power bank, and even speakers built right into a portable cooler. And with price points to fit a variety of budgets, you are sure to find the best giveaway to make people take note and listen to your message!

Bluetooth Speaker w/ Camera Control (silicone lanyard & watch)
How cool is this? One of the world's smallest Bluetooth speakers is available as a lightweight silicone watch or a lanyard! It has another useful feature, as it has a built-in camera control function, so you can take photos from your wrist! You can now listen to music or talk on your phone with ease and comfort, even when you're going for a morning jog, biking to work or a enjoying a full day hike up that mountain! Your one color logo will be printed on the band. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Unique Program Idea to Drive Employee Engagement and Results

When it comes to encouraging your employees to achieve important goals, motivation is the name of the game. In fact it is one of the most important pieces of the goal setting puzzle, playing a role in both establishing and attaining goals. According to an article by Ronald E. Riggio, PhD, in Psychology Today, “Research has suggested that the best way to drive continuous levels of motivation is to allow the person to experience “small wins”—breaking down a large task into smaller, measurable steps and celebrating the attainment of each step or level.”

Sounds easy, right? But how can leaders effectively accomplish this in the workplace? Create a structured program that outlines specific goals, measures results, and rewards successful performance.

One fun and effective way to not only measure results but reward performance is through the use of small gifts. This is where branded promotional products can help you motivate and reward your team in creative and fun ways. By choosing the right promotional product, one that your employees love or find fun, you can provide a reward that doesn’t break the bank. Once your motivational program goals have been established, it is important to provide a means to recognize the achievements of your team.