Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Ways to Carry Your Lunch in Style

January is a great time to start or renew resolutions, especially around weight control, healthier eating habits, and saving money. Who doesn't have one of those three on their New Years Resolution List? There's a simple product that can help you do all three. A lunch box! Bringing your own lunch to work is a great way to control portions for weight loss, eat healthier by eliminating hidden fat and sodium found in a lot of restaurant food, and cutting expenses by not eating out every day. Lunch boxes have come a long way since we were kids and with your company logo printed on it, it's a great gift to help your employees kick the new year off right. We'd be happy to help you find the right option for your employees. Give us a call at Newport Promotions at 847-398-5500 to get started.

Compartment Food Organizer with Utensils

According to the National Restaurant Association, about 25% of American eat lunch out five or more times a week and 60% eat at least one commercially-prepared lunch once a week.  If you spend $10.00 for a sandwich, chips and soda; you could prepare the same meal at home for about 1/3 the cost.  Multiply a $6.00 savings for 240 workdays and you are looking a substantial annual savings!

Large Capacity
On the calorie side, it is much easier to control both portion size and the ingredients in your lunch by packing your own.  With the variety of insulated lunch bags and those with gel coolant in the lid, almost everyone can safely bring a lunch for later consumption.
Insulated lunch Bag

Many companies are realizing that employee wellness is beneficial for both the company and for the employee. For companies offering health or wellness initiatives for their employees, these lunch boxes would be a nice giveaway item to kick start the program. 
Wide Mouth Opening

Why not clean up the office 'fridge and help your employees to save calories and dollars by outfitting your employees with logoed lunch containers? 

Gel-top container

If you would like more information on any of these lunch box designs or to see some of the others we available, we'd be happy to help you find the right option for your employees. Give us a call at                847-398-5500 to get started.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Five Reasons to Buy Holiday Food Gifts from PromoDona

This Holiday Season you can't go wrong with sending food gift items to thank your customers for their business or employees for their hard work this past year. But while the food is a great gift, this is also a tremendous opportunity to market your company.  Many of the food related gifts we can provide can be customized with your logo, reinforcing your brand.  If the food related gift also includes a box, notepad, bag or other useful tool for the customer, that the gift will last much longer than just the Holiday Season to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollar. You can't find that kind of impact from a warehouse store or catalog company. We have a ton of great food-related gift ideas for you to choose from but here are 5 reasons why you should work with us for an easy and impactful gift buying experience.

Need help with these or other marketing items? Contact me at or at 847-398-5500.

1.) Convenience: Instead of going yourself, sending an employee to the local retail store, or spending time looking on the internet to try and find the right gift--simply contact PromoDona.  I can quickly provide delicious food selections in almost all price ranges to make your shopping easier and faster. In addition, I can also arrange the shipments to go directly to you or have them drop-shipped to your sales reps for personal delivery or directly to individual customers. Let us do the work during this busy Holiday Season.

2.) Freshness:  Our food gifts are packed-upon-order just before they are shipped.  The gifts are not made up many months in advance like ones you find in many retail stores or mail-order catalogs.

3.) Consistency to Your Marketing Image: Do you really want your best customers receiving a gift that they saw at a warehouse store? Don't you want to personalize the gift with your company logo to reinforce your brand? Or include a useful desk item that will remain with your customers long after the holidays? Instead, purchase your client holiday food gifts from the same person that can help you with your other marketing needs and bring consistency to your marketing image.

4.) Professional Look:  No food vendor catalogs or promotional literature will be included in your food gifts. This is a common practice of many mail-order food companies. Don't pay to market someone else's company or service.

5.) Ease of Mind:  All of our food gifts come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Now, how can we help you with your Holiday Promotional Gift orders and take this task off of your plate? Contact me at or at 847-398-5500.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Proudly Promote Your Business with Promotional Products Made in the USA


Feel good giving these promotional products at your next trade show or event. Why? They are all made in the U.S.A! So, while you use the products to help promote YOUR business, you’re also helping promote a company that manufactures here using U.S. workers. Here are five of our favorites but we have plenty more so give me a call at 847-398-5500 or email me at to see more client gift or promotional marketing options.  

1.) Mag-Lites (above): available in original and new LED bulb styles in a variety of sizes and colors. Excellent quality and high-perceived value.

2.) Beach  Towels: not just for tropical settings, these towels can be use for health club or home showers as well as for pool or beach activities.
3.) Fisher Space Pens; These pens are so good, that the astronauts bring them into space!  They write underwater, in extreme temperatures, over grease and at any angle.  The pens write three times longer than the average pen and are unconditionally guaranteed.
4.) The Mini Messenger is perfect to carry your notebooks, folders, magazines, tablet, and e-reader. The bag features three-sided set-in gusset and a front flap with a Velcro closure. The sewn-in adjustable strap is designed to wear cross-body, throw over your shoulder, or hold in your hand. Choice of fabrics and trim colors/patterns.
5.) Duffel bag: This American-made classic is a hands-down favorite known for its unisex appeal, practical utility, and versatility for school sports to incorporate brand identity programs. Pick your own multi-color combination. Mix and match the duffel body, ends, poly web handles/trim, and zipper colors for ultimate customization!

5 Last-Minute Corporate Holiday Gifts
There is still time to order imprinted gifts to give to customers, referral sources, vendors and employees.  Here are five top sellers that are in stock for quick delivery and appropriate for all audiences.  Although these are five of our favorites, we have plenty more options, so give me a call at 847-398-5500 or email me at to see more client gift or promotional marketing products.

1.) Sticky Note Organizer:  A high perceived value and useful gift for customers, employees, or prospects.  Made of black Ultrahyde vinyl, this organizer contains four 50-page sticky note pads (1-1/2" x 1") sticky note flags in 8 colors and a two-sided four-year removable calendar.

2.) Aluminum Sports Bottles: made of BPA-free aluminum with single-wall construction, twist-on lid and rubberized grip. Lots of funs colors!

3.) Brite Mite LED Flashlight: Small but mighty! This aluminum 9 LED light flashlight has a push-button on/off power switch; wrist strap and in individual gift box.  Who can't use one of these?  Available in silver, blue or black.  AAA batteries are included, not inserted.

4.) Weekender Duffel Bag:  Travel in style with the 600D poly-canvas bag. Zippered main compartment; front-zippered media pocket with earbud port.  Front mesh pocket plus front pouch with adjustable drawstring and squeeze-top water bottle.  Side-zippered shoe compartment durable button feet on bottom, velcro closure grip on handles, double 20-1/2" reinforced handles and detachable, adjustable padded 1-1/2" wide shoulder strap.  Available in black plus red and royal blue. 


5.) English Butter Toffee: For over 25 years, people have raved about this English Butter Toffee! We begin with a crunchy toffee center, then we enrobe each piece of candy in rich chocolate. Finally, we cover it with toasted almonds. With nearly three-dozen pieces of candy in this one-pound box, there's plenty to share with friends and family. We'll package this great tasting toffee in our useful wooden collector's box bearing your imprint.

If you would like more information about these hot new products or to receive a quote, please give me a call at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dona Blunt recognized by Kaeser & Blair

Dona Blunt, MAS recently attended the Kaeser & Blair (K & B) convention in Hebron, KY.  At the Saturday awards event, Dona was recognized as being in Kaeser's top 1% of all of its dealers.  The photo shows Kurt Kaeser, president of Kaeser & Blair presenting Dona with a Waterford crystal bowl award for her sales achievement in the 2011-2012 sales year. 

Dona became a K & B dealer in July 2010; this the second consecutive year that she has received this prestigious sales award.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Planning a Meeting or Convention?

Planning a meeting, large or small can be stressful.  There are so many details and things to check on.  Below is a A -Z (almost) checklist that may assist you in making sure that you include all the items that enhance a meeting and make it memorable. 

--Attendee Gifts
--Binders & Index Tabs
--Board of Director Gifts
--Booth Displays
--Buttons, Lapel Pins
--Flags, Banners & Signs
--Flash Drives for storing meeting notes and proceedings
--Golf Outing Gifts & Awards
--Hospitality Suite Items: Napkins, Glasses, Stirrers, etc.
--Name Badges, Neck Lanyards
--Pens, Pencils, Markers
--Plaques, Awards
--Portfolios, Presentation Folders, Tote Bags
--Room Gifts
--Scratch Pads
---Speaker Gifts
--Table Favors
--Uniforms and imprinted garments
--VIP Passes
--Volunteer Gifts
--Wristbands for admission to events

Monday, September 3, 2012

Promotional Idea that Went Very Wrong

Exerpted from
" A promotional product may have made the wrong kind of impact at a Northeastern (Massachusets) high school this week.  The bomb squad was called to investigate a "hissing" device found outside of Austin Prep School in Reading, Mass., on Wednesday. A teacher found the item and reported it to the authorities as a pipe bomb,  Police evacuated the school and brought in the bomb squad, which x-rayed the canister before determining that it was not dangerous. Inside the cylindrical package were flyers for a school supply company and a promotional, light-activated noisemaker. The aim of the promotion and the name (of the ) supply company were not identified, although reports that it was sent by a marketing company in Minnesota."

The photo above shows the bomb squad outside of the school, working on "defusing" the package.

So, how does this apply to your promotions??  Should you attempt to use unusual or novel promotions?  Is humor a good thing in promotions?

The answer is "sometimes".  Utilizing an unique or humorous type of mailer is often the best way to break through the clutter' of the volume of marketing campaigns that your customers and prospects receive. 

But working with a promotional company who will provide a more impartial look at your intended promotion can help prevent marketing disasters.  Any "out of the box" type of promotion should first be cleared by the post office and tested on a small scale to determine if there will be any unintended consequences.   Another safe manuever is to adapt a proven campaign done previously by a company in a different industry from yours; they have already worked out the bugs and you will still have an unusual promotion that has been proven to be effective.

Do you have a direct mail campaign in your future?  Contact me today to receive case histories of other campaigns that you can modify to achieve your marketing needs.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

New tee shirt record

Andy Coyne of Greenville, South Carolina, reclaimed the Guinness World Record for number the of T-shirts worn by an individual on Jan. 5th at the PPAI Expo 2012 in Las Vegas . Coyne, who originally set the record in June 2009, established the new record by wearing 249 Hanes T-shirts.

For 2012 look for the continued expansion of organic cotton and other eco-friendly types of tee shirts as well as more emphasis on moisture-wicking blends, rather than the traditional 100% cotton tees.

The 2012 color charts have been published and there are many more color options being offered.  One tee shirt manufacturer now has 98 colors from which to choose!  Which color(s) are predicted to be best sellers?  When promotional product distributors throughout the country were polled for their prediction for the best selling tee shirt colors in 2012, the results were as follows--
Black-39%; White--26%, Red--11%,Blue--9%,Yellow-8% and Green--7%.

Don't wear more than one shirt at a time or have a preference for a new fashion color?  I can help you select the most appropriate shirt for your needs.  Be sure to ask me about the variety of decorating techniques, such as discharge printing, sequins as well as the traditional screen printing or embroidery.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Monday, July 23, 2012

2011 Best-Selling Product Categories

The survey results are in and have been tallied.   Promotional Products Associational International (PPAI), the trade association for the promotional products industry ( has posted results from their recent survey of vendors and distributors of promotional products. Each year PPAI creates a pie-chart showing the sales by product category with the most recent year's ranking of market share by category plus the previous year's rankings listed in parenthesis.

In case you every wondered what the best-seller categories were for promotional products, this chart gives the visual answer.  Wearables (hats, tee shirts, polos, jackets, etc.) has retained the number one postion since 1993.  Writing instruments (pens, pencils, markers and highlighters) , Bags, Calendars and Drinkware complete the top five and account for almost 60% of the total of all categories.

The order of the categories have been relatively static from one year to another although this year has several changes in the ranking order.  For example,  the Bag category moved up two places in to number three, which dropped calendars down to the fourth position.  In a reflection of people's lifestyles and interests, the Computer Products and Accessories category saw a significant increase in 2011 from 1.97% market share to 3.76% market share and moved up several slots on the chart.

For further information, contact PromoDona or access the information on the PPAI website.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Add more Plush to your Marketing Mix

You may call them stuffed animals, but the trade name is plush, attributed to their soft fabric construction. Plush animals can convey your message in friendly and effective way. 

Here are just six of several reasons to consider plush as part of your marketing mix:
1.)  Broad Appeal: this product reaches across all ages, deomographics and industries
2.) Interactive and connects on a an emotional level.
3.) Creative: selecting a specific animal or slogan (i.e., You can re-Lion on our great service.) add playfulness to your company image.
4.) High perceived value.
5.) Small product with a big impact.
6.) A custom plush character sets your company apart from its competitors. 

How have companies used plush animals?
>A university hid a hawk mascot throughout the campus for students to find as a way to promote safety on the campus.
> One of the national hotel chains uses a plush bear as a welcome gift for guests
>A Human Resources department in Florida gave a sea-related character as a way to say thank you to employees for their hard work.
>An elephant mascot was given as a reward to children when they completed an after-school program.
> An auto dealership puts a plush bear in the front passenger seat in every car that they sell.

Are plush animals appropriate for your business?  Contact me to learn more about how plush animals are can add some fun and profit to your company's bottom line.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Need summer-related ideas to promote your brand?  Check out 24 ideas from the link below.  Stay cool and enjoy the warm days of summer!

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Megaphone Speaker is a Sound Brand Builder

It's probably not news to you that Apple has sold 37 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012 alone.  Add that quantity to the phones they have sold in previous years and you have lots of iPhone users.

Many accessories have been invented for use for the iPhones and similar brands.  This new accessory, Megaphone Speaker, is both useful and can be used for multiple purposes.  By utilizing the simple concept of a megaphone, this clever product is not electronic, but it can boost the iPhone's sound by up to 15 dbs, or 2-3 times louder and does this without any power cords or batteries.  This portable device can be used to amplify music, incoming call rings or to enhance the speaker feature for conference calls.  The speaker works when the phone is in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Trade Show Success!
One company gave out this speaker at a trade show by having one of its employees stand in the middle of the booth demonstrating the megaphone's amplifying effect.  As reported to  the speaker manufacturer,  the trade show booth was backed up into the aisle as attendees stopped to see and listen.  More importantly, the attendees also took the time to view the exhibitor's services while they were waiting.  The measurable results were twice the number of lead scans as from the previous year and an increase of requests for quotes by fourfold.  The exhibitor exclaimed that this item created the best booth traffic in their company history.

This item should be heard to be believed; contact me for a demo and to learn how you can print your brand on this unique smart phone Megaphone Speaker.  Soon you will be hearing the phones ring louder from your customers and prospects!

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Swinging Golf Promotions

There are approximately 25-30 million people in the US who play golf. Although the number of golfers have remained fairly constant the past few years, the number of rounds played per year are expected to gradually increase each year from now until the end of the decade.

You do not personally have to be a golfer in order to effectively promote your company at a golf occasion.   From a business perspective golf events are most often associated with sales meetings, team-building exercises, key client thank-yous, chamber events and charity fund raisers.  Becoming a sponsor for part or all of one of these venues is a great way to get your name and brand in front of your prospects.

When purchasing golf apparel ask about the weather conditions that the golfers can expect on the date that they will be playing.  For example, if the golfing will take place in early Spring or Fall in a northern/northeast location, you may want to consider purchasing windshirts that can provide warmth and protection from the rain.  If instead the golf event will be taking place in a hot environment, you should consider purchasing garments that are made of  moisture wicking fabric to provide a more comfortable experience.  Also look for styles which have raglan sleeves as this design element provides greater mobility for swinging a golf club.  Another nice feature is a shirt without a label or tag in the neckline; tagless shirts reduce the opportunity for chafing. 

  Whether purchasing a larger product, such as golf garment or umbrella or something smaller like golf balls, tees, club covers, beverage cooler or golf tools,, there are items that golfers will appreciate in almost all price ranges.  Best of all, your imprint will be seen several times during the course of one or several rounds of golf.  Contact me to help you get in the swing of effective golf promotions.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is just one week from today, April 22nd.  According to the entry on Wikipedia, the US Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, called for an environmental Teach-In or Earth Day, to be held on April 22, 1970.  It is reported that over 20 million people participated that year, and Earth Day is now observed on April 22 each year in the US as well as in 175 countries by millions of people.

Some communities have an annual Clean-Up Day as part of the Earth Day celebrations but there are other year-round ways to help our Earth while advertising your company.

Eco-friendly garments are a growing trend in corporate apparel.  There are several options within this category and some fabrics can have more than one of these attributes.  ORGANIC fabrics use no pesticides, herbicides or insecticide during the growing process.  BIODEGRADABLE fabrics naturally break down and return to raw material or is absorb by the ear.  POST-CONSUMER fibers contain recycle materials that have been used in other products and have been discarded, such as post-consumer PET plastic bottles, discarded x-ray film, recycled cotton and even black food trays.  SUSTAINABLE materials come from crops that quickly replenish themselves without detriment to the earth, such as fabric made from bamboo and hemp.   GREEN DECORATING TECHNIQUES include using water-based digital system that prints directly from a computer file onto the garment without any screens or ink waste.

For years writing Instruments have been manufactured utilizing petroleum based material.  Instead you can choose pens that are made from sustainable bamboo, recycled plastics, recycled paper, recycled water bottles or biodegradable corn.  Are one of these the "write" choice for your business?

Several states had banned or limited the use of plastic bags; making reusable tote bags a valuable and useful item for your customers. Imprinted totes both eliminate the need to use store-supplied plastic and paper  bags and provide a large imprint area for your company's message.

 Post-Consumer waste can also be used in the manufacturing of plastic used to make fun flyers, yo-yos, memo holders, pails and many other items.  Some of item used for these materials include carpet fibers, recycled money, newspaper, sawdust, denim and electronics plastic.

Solar powered or hand-cranked products do not require the use of batteries and include flashlights, radios and electronics charging devices.

Increased awareness of our impact on the environment has sustained the original Earth Day awareness and goals for more than forty years.  Contact me if you need help to incorporate these environmental principles into your marketing campaigns.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It won't be long now until the baseball season begins.   Whether it is the major leagues, minor leagues or park district teams, baseball brings thoughts of warm summer days and following your favorite team at the ballpark, on the tv or on radio.  
Baseball creates a fun theme to use for promoting your business.  Many of baseball's colorful expressions provide great tie in opportunities for your marketing message such as the examples listed below.
  • Don't strike out, use our company for your ______ needs.
  •  Hit one out of the park with _____________.
  • Try our triple play of service, quality and price.

Some baseball-related items that can be imprinted with your logo include: mini baseballs, baseball bat pens, baseball caps, baseball banks, baseball clapper noisemakers, baseball cow bells and even a baseball rubber duck!  Another effective item is a magnet printed with your local team's schedule; this will be retained and referred to throughout the season.  

Contact PromoDona if you are looking for other winning sports-related promotional items that will score you increased visibility and sales prospects.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)

    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    The Ballpoint Pen

    Research shows that the most commonly-owned promotion product is writing instruments.  Only logoed garments outsell writing instruments (pens, pencils and highlighters), according to the Promotional Products Association International.   These useful items give up to 350 impressions per month--a great return for such a low cost item!

    Pens are available in all price ranges and materials including plastic, recycled water bottles, paper or metal. They can be basic or include USB drives, highlighters, stylus points or magnifiers.  Novelty pens include those shaped like vegetables, fruits or hypodermic needles; some even emit a laughing sound when squeezed.  With all these options, there are writing instruments suitable for virtually every theme and budget.

    Did you know that 2012 is the 25th anniversary of the BIC Clic Stic pen?  While its big brother the BIC Stic pen celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, the Clic Stic is a best seller in its own right.  There are 400 barrel and trim color combinations that allow almost every corporate color combination to be represented.  In 2010, over 100 million units of this style were sold in the U.S.   Best of all, unlike many pens styles, BIC pens are made and assembled in Florida.  This means the the product is always in stock in every color.   BIC is offering their Clic Stic pen on special promotion through December 2012.  Please contact me for more details.

    Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)


    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Back from Las Vegas

    Just returned from Las Vegas where our industry's largest trade show took place.  The show had hundreds of exhibitors with thousands of products on display.  Many were old stand-bys and some were brand new.  The majority of the new products were accessories for phones and iPad/tablet devices--stands for desk and cars, chargers for use in automobiles and computers, screen cleaners and many others.  See album of new items posted on Newport's Facebook

    Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)