Friday, June 3, 2011

How to get your promotional item to stand out at a golf tournament

To read golf ball article:Gofers are consistent in scrutinizing the contents of a golf goodie bag.  They may be participating to help out a charity or their local chamber, but they will always ask “what’s in the bag?”  If you have been solicited to contribute an item for such a bag, what is an appropriate and affordable item to use?

Many golf events do not allow non-golf items to be submitted for the bag, so always inquire before ordering or contributing a product.  Although typical items are ball markers, ditty bags, towels, sun block and lip balm, that doesn’t mean the golfer will not appreciate receiving or using these items.  A few non-traditional ideas are shoe horns, the new taller golf tees, divot tools that clip onto a hat brim, mister bottles and golf towel holders.  If your budget allows a more expensive items, consider umbrellas, golf bag covers, embroidered caps and golf shoe bags.
There is often a quandary as to which brand golf balls should be provided.  Golf balls can be lost quickly and your advertisement goes with it, but golf balls are much needed and appreciated for that same reason.  If you are uncertain as to which brand of golf balls you should use (the hottest brand or a more affordable brand), then you should review the article in The Wall Street Journal that compared the properties of several golf balls (see link below).
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