Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Custom Plush Animals Bring Your Logo to Life

Can a stuffed animal help build your brand? Yes! Stuffed animals are an excellent promotional product to help you advertise your company. In the promotional trade, we call stuffed animals "plush" attributed to the soft construction. Plush animals can convey your message in friendly and effective way.

Here are six of the reason to consider plush as part of your marketing mix:

1. Broad Appeal: This product reaches across all ages, demographics and industries. They are fun for adults or to take home to kids, too.

2. Interactive: Plush promo products connect on a an emotional level. They make you smile. You put them on your desk to personalize your space.

3. Creative: You can get as creative as you want when selecting a plush to promote your business. Use the plush to create or promote a slogan, i.e., You can re-Lion on our great service. It adds a playfulness to your company image.

4. High perceived value. People think this is a valuable or expensive giveaway but there are many inexpensive options that make your company look generous.

5. Small product with a big impact. Small, plush animals are easy to carry home from trade shows and make great gifts for the kids. Does your company have a mascot? A funny slogan? Get a custom plush made to promote it.

6. Unique. A custom plush character sets your company apart from its competitors.

But most importantly, we love the creative ways companies use plush to build engagement with their brand. How have companies used plush animals?

  • A university hid a hawk mascot throughout the campus for students to find as a way to promote safety on the campus.
  • A national hotel chain uses a plush bear as a welcome gift for guests
  • A Human Resources department in Florida gave a sea-related character as a way to say thank you to employees for their hard work.
  • An elephant mascot was given as a reward to children when they completed an after-school program.
  • An auto dealership put a plush bear in the front passenger seat in every car as a way to differentiate themselves and target Mom buyers. 
  • A pharmaceutical company hands them out to kids in the hospital if they are diagnosed with certain illnesses that need the medicine they produce. They are comforting. 

If you are targeting Moms, kids. or salespeople who need to take a gift home from a business trip, a plush animal may be the perfect way to advertise your brand. 

Are plush animals appropriate for your business?  Contact me at 847-398-5500 or dona.blunt@newportpros.com to learn more about how plush animals can give your business more "character."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Small Promotion Yields Big Results at Trade Show

Looking for an inexpensive trade show booth giveaway that attendees will love and use daily? How about making their smartphones or tablets easier to use?

One of the phone accessories that people enjoy using is a raised "dot" that sticks to the home button on smartphones.  It's useful for phone users in that it gives them a more tactile way to find their essential Home button. It's also an opportunity to personalize a phone or tablet so you don't mistakenly pick up someone else's device.  Part of the Dot's popularity is that it attaches with a special 3M Brand adhesive so it it is easily removable and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

For marketers, it's a chance to offer value and get your brand in the hands of your customers and prospects. Although the Dot is small, you can pack a lot of brand message into the giveaway. Here's how: The Dot can be distributed on a custom-printed card, with provides plenty of room for your marketing message. There are custom card options to accommodate one dot or a larger card with two dots.

Not only are these great trade booth handouts, but the item can be used in advance of the show to drive traffic to your booth. For example, a Dot on a custom-printed card was sent out as a pre-show mailing to customers and prospects with the message "Spot the Dot."  The mailing told show attendees if they brought their phone to the booth during the trade show hours with the Dot attached, they would receive a special promotional offer on a future order. Make the incentive attractive and you could have a traffic jam in your trade show booth.

The product's raised surface works with either the round "home" button on iPhones or with the rectangle home button on Android models.  Both the Dot itself and the custom card can be printed in 4CP to showcase your logo and brand information in full color.

Give me a call today at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at dona.blunt@newportpros.com to talk about pricing for the Dot or brainstorm other ideas to drive traffic to your next trade show booth.

For more ideas on how to create buzz or drive traffic to your trade show booth, check out my Trade Show Marketing Ideas board on Pinterest.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hot Summer Promotional Products

Summer is in fun full swing but it's not too late to grab some promotional products to help keep your brand in front of your customers during summer events.

Here are a few of our top selling promotional products for your summer promotions, corporate picnics, and even client appreciation days.

Retro Sunglasses
You can't go wrong with these retro sunglasses to giveaway as swag at beach events, picnics, and even golf tournaments. The price is perfect and they come in a variety of fun colors sure to match up with your company logo.

Deluxe Folding Chair
With a large imprint area for your logo, this deluxe folding chair will work hard to promote your brand. If your company is sponsoring any summer outdoor concert events or hospitality events, put these chairs out for your guests to ensure that all concert goers see your logo. Then give a few away to VIP customers or valued employees. Four colors are available, so choose wisely.

Acrylic Mason Jar Tumblers
Mason jars are hot, hot, hot when it comes to promotional drinkware. Designed to look like the nostalgic preserving jars, these BPA free, colorful tumblers come with fun straws to make drinking even more fun. Your customers will hold on to these tumblers for a long time giving your brand some long-term exposure.

Beach Picnic Pack
This fun picnic pack includes everything you need for a fun summer outing. The insulated main compartment holds food, drinks or other beach essentials for four people. The Picnic Pack is designed to be water and sand resistant keeping your food and drinks safe until you are ready to eat. This is an impactful gift for valued customers and employees.

Jelli Mini Fan
Give your customers and prospects a way to beat the heat with this Jelli Mini Fan. The fun translucent colors and attractive price point make this promotional item a winner for outdoor and summer events.

Need more ideas for summer promotions? Give me a call at 847-398-5500 or email me at dona.blunt@newportpros.com and we'll get some creative ideas going for you.

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