Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It won't be long now until the baseball season begins.   Whether it is the major leagues, minor leagues or park district teams, baseball brings thoughts of warm summer days and following your favorite team at the ballpark, on the tv or on radio.  
Baseball creates a fun theme to use for promoting your business.  Many of baseball's colorful expressions provide great tie in opportunities for your marketing message such as the examples listed below.
  • Don't strike out, use our company for your ______ needs.
  •  Hit one out of the park with _____________.
  • Try our triple play of service, quality and price.

Some baseball-related items that can be imprinted with your logo include: mini baseballs, baseball bat pens, baseball caps, baseball banks, baseball clapper noisemakers, baseball cow bells and even a baseball rubber duck!  Another effective item is a magnet printed with your local team's schedule; this will be retained and referred to throughout the season.  

Contact PromoDona if you are looking for other winning sports-related promotional items that will score you increased visibility and sales prospects.

Dona Blunt, MAS (PromoDona)