Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Powerful Promotion to Create Trade Show Buzz

Want to create buzz at your next trade show that will not only get your more booth traffic but will have attendees bringing their friends back to your booth?  Here's a proven promotional idea that can work for you to get you that trade show booth traffic you want. It all starts with a wristband.

The Tabbed Wristband Promotional Trade Show Game

Here's how it works:

When a prospect comes into your booth, you scan their name badge and then give them a promotional wristband, like the one above. Then, rip off one of the numbered removable tabs to put into a drawing. Simple enough, right? But here's where the viral marketing or the buzz comes in - the attendee is told that if they would like to increase their chances of winning they should bring two additional people back to the booth. When they bring back another person, an additional tab (one for each new person that they bring) will be removed and entered into the drawing. Their friend will also receive a wristband and the whole process begins anew.

Here are some tips to make this promotion most successful for you.

Have a great prize.
This traffic building promotion is most effectively used with a desirable door prize, like an e-tablet, e-reader, noise cancelling headphones, or other coveted electronic device. We have plenty of ideas for you on what items people want to win most.

Must be present to win.
Tell people that they must be present at the time of drawing to win. That way people will be returning to your booth and you'll be able to briefly reintroduce your company before the winning number is pulled. Also, more people will wander over to see why there is a crowd in your booth.

Ron Williams, a trade show exhibitor from Minnesota, shared that this promotion worked incredibly well for his company.

"We told them our 30-45 second spiel and within seconds, they are gone looking for people. It allows visitors to do their own networking. Our booth traffic increased over 250%; our quotes increased 275%."

This is great way to leverage the power of the people by providing a strong incentive for your prospects to talk about your company and refer their friends back to your booth. A true example of customer engagement! So if you are looking for a viral marketing idea with a strong ROI, consider this tabbed wristband trade show promotion. It looks likes an innocuous vinyl wrist band but it has hidden powers. It has the power to attract prospects to your trade show booth, giving you an opportunity to share your story.

For more information about this buzz-worthty promotion or other trade show traffic builders, contact me at 847-398-5500 or at dona.blunt@newportpros.com.

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