Monday, September 23, 2013

New NFL Regulation Creates New Promotional Opportunity for Your Company

Are you ready for some football .... regulations? The National Football League (NFL) recently enacted a rule that restricts what type of bags and other carriers that fans can bring into a stadium.  They are only allowing clear bags of a certain dimension and with a maximum size imprint.  It's probable that colleges and other sports events will soon adopt the same restrictions. What does this mean for your business? It's an opportunity to promote your business logo by providing your customers or employees with a bag they'll need, if they are sports fans. People with season tickets or customers you entertain in your VIP sports box will love these clear bags as gifts.

However, as this is a recent ruling, companies have been scrambling to find bags to fit the criteria set forth by the NFL. Any imported clear bags that were already in the U.S. have sold out and many of the new imported inventory that is due to arrive in late October has already been pre-sold.

But don't panic! PromoDona has a solution for you! We have a bag made in the U.S.A. that meets all of the specifications and can be ready in 3-4 weeks, while at an affordable price. However, order TODAY to make sure your orders gets in for any upcoming trade shows or Holiday gifts. If you wait too long you might have to wait 10 weeks for bags made overseas or get in line if our U.S. factory gets swamped and can't handle the demand. Your clients that attend sporting events will thank you while they promote your brand name to everyone in the stadium. 

To place your order, call me today at 847-398-5500 or email me at

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wooden Truck Food Gift

Want a food oriented promotional gift that will promote your brand long after the food is consumed?  This wooden truck with sliding lid is the gift for you.  It is filled with 9 oz. of delicious pistachio nuts but after the nuts are gone, the truck can serve as a handy storage unit for jewelry, coins, desk supplies or other treasures. These trucks would be fun have out on tables in your trade show booth to serve snacks and then give them away as prizes to VIP customers.

Don't think that this truck is only appropriate if you are in the transportation industry; it also ties in well to emphasize old fashioned service or to commemorate a corporate anniversary.  How about promoting a "truckload" sale?  Or, communicating a safe driving message to your employees?

The truck is 12-1/4" L x 4-12/3" W x 5" H.  You can add your company logo to a laser engraved plate on one side and you can have an optional plate added to the second side for more marketing messages. The personalized promotional item is packed in an individual mailing box; perfect for easy distribution. If pistachio nuts are not your thing, then the truck can be ordered empty and you can either add your own contents or send as is.

This item is on special for the remainder of 2013 at only $37.80 with pistachios and $30.15 empty. As part of the special promotion, you can order as few as six pieces at the sale price, rather the the usual 12 piece minimum order. This sale price saves you as much as $8.00 from the usual price and allows you to give a personalized gift to a small group. 

If you are looking to drive sales and deliver a message of thanks to your employees and customers, this is the perfect promotional gift for you. Call me at 847-398-5500 or email at to learn more and get your order in for the Holidays.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Versatile Reward Card to Incent your Customers

Here's a common problem I hear from customers. They want to give a high impact gift away in a trade show raffle to drive traffic to their booth, or they want an exciting door prize for their next event, or they want a nice incentive gift for their customers but they don't know what would be appealing to everyone. They don't want to just give cash but they don't want to guess wrong on what type of gift would motivate or appeal to the recipient. Well, here's a solution! Check out this new reward card that makes it easy to give a high impact gift where the customer chooses exactly what they want.

MyCompanyGiftCard is available for $100.00 each (and thereafter in increments of $50.00) and it entitles the recipient to go onto a website and select high-end, brand-name apparel of their choice.  The website has brand names such as Columbia, Brooks Brothers, LaCoste, Page and Tuttle, plus many other brands. They can choose from polos, jackets, woven shirts, hoodies, caps and fleece for both men and women. The minimum order is only 5 cards so your program can be up and running almost immediately. 

Contact me today for a demo code that enables you to check out the ordering site and the apparel available to choose from. Call 847-398-5500 or email me at

Monday, September 9, 2013

An Affordable Way to Make Your Brand Stand Out at Your Next Event

Ever wanted to have a retractable banner to use at your trade show booth, meetings or other public event to make your brand stand out and draw traffic? What stopped you? Did the high price and set-up charges turn you off? Were you confused about the lead time or the production process?

Here's an affordable solution that eliminates those fears and roadblocks and helps you get your brand in front of customers and prospects.

Check out this 31" x 78" size retractable banner made of a durable vinyl material that imprints beautifully.  Best yet, it's affordable! The low price of $120.00 includes the banner with a four color imprint to show off your logo or marketing message, durable mounting hardware with double swing feet for extra durability, and a travel case so you can easily carry it on the plane to your next event. You can even choose from gloss or matte finish vinyl material.

Simply add local sales tax and shipping and you can have an eye-catching, professional display to promote your business  at parties, trade shows, sporting events, meetings, schools or retail stores.

Tell me, if you had one of these retractable displays, where would you use it?

Contact me today to discuss how easy it is to get started. Call me at 847-398-5500 or email me at

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