Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Best Tech Gifts for Holiday Gifting on a Budget

Holiday shopping tends to be a stressful activity, so when you have to shop for your corporate clients on top of your personal shopping list, you might really be feeling the holiday pain.

Well, good news for you is that Newport Promotions is here to ease the pressure, at least when it comes to your gift shopping for VIP clients or employees. I’ve put together this list of tech gifts that anyone will find useful, and they won’t break the bank. The cost of these items range from $2 - $19. Win, win!

Mobile Phone Car Mount

Being your own navigator is tough, but this mobile phone car mount is making being hands-free that much easier. With our mobile car mount that directly clips on to the car’s air vents you can easily keep your phone or other mobile device within view for glancing at the navigation screen. It’s also a great way to keep your phone from slipping off your lap during those quick conference calls clients on the go are always taking. With imprint space on the side clip, the gift recipient will see your company logo every time they glance at their phone.


Cell Phone MobiGrip

Anyone with a smartphone (so essentially, everyone) will love this gift! Think of the MobiGrip as the safety belt for high-tech toys that keeps anyone from saying “I dropped my phone” when asked how their screen shattered in to a million little pieces. The way MobiGrip works is it sticks directly to the back of your phone and the bungee wraps around your finger to secure the phone to your hand. Easy, effective and budget-friendly. This item has a nice space for your logo and is under $2!

USB Charging Hub

There are two things every professional never has enough of: time and power outlets! With the USB charging hub you can solve both of those shortages since this hub can supply power to four devices at once. The other thing that makes this budget-friendly gift a winner? Long gone is the huge chaotic mess of power cords! That alone will make your clients love you.

Stereo Headphones

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more high-end without completely busting your budget, these stereo headphones could be the perfect fit. With a light-weight and cushioned headband with soft ear cups and compact tri-fold design, these headphones are ideal for comfortable plane travel or music listening while at work. Your logo prints across the headband.

These aren’t the only budget-friendly gifts you can choose from, there’s plenty more to browse through, so check out some other posts you may like below. And if you need more help with finding the perfect holiday gift, please give me a call at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Top Tech Holiday Gifts for Your Top Corporate Clients

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s never to soon to start getting ideas for what to give your top clients before the end of the year. And if there’s any advice I can give with holiday gifts that are sure to impress, it’s that it is hard to go wrong with high-tech.

Now, I know that if you’re going to spend a larger chunk of the budget on a nice corporate gift, you want it to hit a few main points including nice packaging, usefulness and the perfect branded touch. Lucky for you, Newport Promotions has quite a few gifts for tech lovers that fit the bill.

Here’s my round-up of favorite tech-oriented holiday gifts for corporate clients:

Smart Touch Gloves

Your clients won’t have any problem staying connected in the cold with these smart touch gloves! Unlike other smart touch gloves that don’t adequately keep your fingers warm, or are more glitchy than they are helpful, these gloves feature a soft, stretchy interior and silicone grip on palm and fingers, as well as have conductive metallic threads on both the index finger and thumb to aid in the pinpoint performance of the glove. You clients will love still being able to text or take photos with their smart phones when they are out in the cold.

Portable Boom Speaker

Whether your clients are partying people, or they need their video to be heard in a crowded conference room during a presentation, our portable boom speaker is perfect for turning up the volume! Not only does this speaker easily stick to any smooth or flat surface, it also has a suction mechanism to safely hold the mobile phone or tablet. too.

Car Charger Gift Set

For corporate clients who are constantly traveling, attending trade shows, conferences and other events that keep them busy all day long, they’ll love you for giving them this car charger gift set. They will never be without battery power again! The car charger has dual ports and a LED ring that helps illuminate your imprinted logo area in the dark. The best part about this gift is it isn’t just for charging in your car, you can also charge up the emergency mobile device battery/charger that stores power. Then when you are away from the car, you can access the stored battery life to power up your device anywhere.


Bluetooth Fitness Watch

You know everyone’s going to start working on their fitness goals as soon as the holidays are over, so why not give them a leg up with a sleek Bluetooth fitness watch? Not only does this make for a thoughtful client gift, but it’s also a fabulous Holiday gift to give to your own team members as a way to promote health and wellness in the workplace! All the user needs to do is simply download the free "BodySensor" app to track daily steps, calories, sleep, and much more. The watch comes in 5 different colors and you can imprint your logo on the band. 


The Harmony Speaker

If you love the idea of the speaker, but want something a tad more compact than the Boom Speaker mentioned above, the Harmony Speaker is what you’re looking for. Perfect for car travelers, the Harmony Speaker is compatible with most cellphones and mp3 players and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. It also comes with a mini car charger and a silicone phone and tablet stand. It offers a nice large imprint area for your brand or marketing message.

4-in-1 Charging Buddy

You already know how difficult it can be to keep your phone charged while on the go, but imagine if you had a phone, tablet, camera and computer. That’s a lot to keep charged! This 4-in-1 charging buddy saves time and space, which are both valuable commodities for any of your clients, which is why this is a great gift to give during the hectic holiday season.

Still need help finding the perfect Holiday gift for your corporate clients or employees, or are you looking for something at a different price point? Give me a call or shoot me an email and I’d be happy to assist you in finding the solution to any of your branded gifting needs. I can be reached at 847-398-5500 or

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Business Gifts that are Perfect for the Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start thinking about impressive gifts for your corporate clients this Holiday season, and it’s always a good time to be in an eco-friendly state of mind.

Enter our bamboo promotional items that are the perfect solution for finding a high-quality gift that your valued clients or employees will love but that is also friendly to our planet. Here is a list of my favorite gifts that you'll feel good about giving.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Rather than the predictable gift of a bottle of wine, give your corporate clients something a little more top shelf and unique. This stainless steel cocktail gift set includes a cocktail shaker, strainer, stirrer, ice tongs, and a shot glass, which all rest in a beautiful bamboo stand that looks great in any environment and ready for any impromptu moments that call for a toast.


Bamboo Desktop Calendar

For corporate clients who have a welcoming front desk or waiting room, gift them this bamboo desktop calendar so guests will never have to ask what date or day it is. This perpetual calendar serves as a nice desk accessory, it’ll also save your recipient from buying a new calendar year after year - while your logo stays visible.

Bamboo Picture Frame

Whether it’s a picture of their team at this past year’s company picnic or a picture of their kiddos, our 5”x7” bamboo gives your clients the perfect way to display their memories in an artful and eco-friendly way. The best part about this sophisticated gift is that it looks anything but budget-friendly, even though it is!


Bamboo Cheese Server Set

We don’t know about you, but cheese is the way to our hearts, and we bet it is for your clients, too. Give them something gorgeous to serve their favorite cheese varieties on with our cheese server set, which includes a stainless steel cheese knife, cracker dish and eco-friendly bamboo cutting board. Gift alongside a cheese sampler and a nice bottle of wine and you’ll shoot to super star status in your client’s eyes.

Bamboo Cutting Board

If you want a gift that’s slightly more general than a cheese serving set, but still caters to your foodie clients, this bamboo cutting board is the ideal gift to bring to the table. This is also a great piece to bring to wine and cheese events, bar/liquor promotions, or real estate promotion for your own company. (This is a great gift for real estate agents to give their clients after they move into their new home.)

Bamboo Smart Phone Holder

Bring an earthy feel to a tech-heavy office space with our bamboo tech holder that conveniently fits a variety of iPads, tablets and smartphones. This tech holder keeps your device at the perfect angle for working, gaming and viewing, and it makes for a great employee gift, incentive, or corporate gift.

If you need more help in choosing the best gift for your corporate clients, or other eco-friendly gift options, give me a call at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at I’d be happy to guide you to the gift that’s sure to impress!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Customer Holiday Gift Sets that Impress on a Budget

We’ve rounded the corner to the last quarter of the year, so it’s time to start thinking about customer and employee Holiday gifts ideas. We know this is the perfect time to give a little something to say thank you to your clients, employees, or corporate partners but we also know you have a budget you need to stick to. So how do you choose a gift that truly expresses your gratitude but doesn't break the bank?

Think Gift Sets! Thankfully there are plenty of options of great gift sets with useful items that are sure to impress and yet still keep you within budget. Best yet, gift sets are easy. They have already chosen great items to pair together. To help you choose a fantastic customer or employee Holiday gift, here are a few of my favorites:

Mobile Charging Kit

If your clients or employees are always on the go, they’ll be sure to appreciate this gift! This set comes with a car charger and a USB power bank so that users don’t even need an outlet or car to charge any and every gadget.

Pen and LED Flashlight

Everyone can use an LED flashlight and pen, so this is the best gift for those hard-to-buy-for names on your list. And don’t let the low cost make you think this is a throwaway gift. Between the materials and the nice gift box it comes in, this is a great gift to keep on hand for any occasion.

Roadside Gift Set

Are your employees or clients always on the road for work? This roadside gift set is ideal for keeping in the glove box and is sure to come in handy to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for those longer trips to meetings or trade shows. The set includes a digital tire gauge, car rechargeable LED flashlight and brass ballpoint pen in a gift box.

Thermos and Tumbler Set

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Need we say more? This is the perfect gift for any go-getter who has to have their cup, or cups, of java at hand at anytime. This gift set comes with a 16 oz. double walled stainless steel tumbler and a 16.5 oz. double walled stainless steel thermos.

Wine Lovers Gift Set

A bottle of wine is certainly a great gift for any corporate dinner or as a thank you, but why not pair that bottle with an extra something special? Our wine lovers gift set comes with a waiter's friend wine opener and reusable pump-action wine vacuum stopper, it’s the gift that keeps on giving joy even after polishing off that first bottle of wine.

Pen and Leather Keychain Set

This pen and keychain set leaves a true impression of elegance with smooth leather on the key chain and a sleek ballpoint pen. If you want to give your brand a luxury feel without the luxury cost, this gift set is the ideal fit.

If you need more help in choosing a gift set or several items to create your own custom gift set, give me a call at 847-398-5500 or shoot me an email at I’d be happy to guide you to a Holiday gift set that’s sure to impress!

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