Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Year It's All About Green

For those of you who love color and design, Pantone, the well known color company, named Emerald green the color of the year for 2013. Why? "The vivid, verdant green, enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony."  For those of you using green in your logo or packaging - you are so in vogue this year. 

Even if green isn't your company color, we've got some fun emerald green promotional products to help you share some balance and harmony with your clients. These are some of our favorites but give us a call at 847-398-5500 for even more ideas. 

A green tote/ environmentally friendly grocery bag is a great idea for a trade show giveaway, promotional product for your grocery store or fresh food themed restaurant, or to launch a health and wellness program.

This silicone, flexible, twist-able calculator is so fun! It's lightweight so it's easy to carry around in a briefcase or purse. This is a promotional product with "legs" since it will be kept and used by your target. 

Flashlights are always a welcome promotional item that will kept around a long time for maximum exposure for your business name. This green mini flashlight is easy to imprint with your company's logo and phone number.

Make an impact with when delivering reports to your clients or marketing material to prospects on sales calls with this vibrantly green plastic document folder. They aren't that expensive and make a huge impact.

You can't go wrong with a travel mug - especially a vibrant green one that will help jolt your eyes awake in the morning. A green, purple, and gold combination like the example shown is a fun Mardi Gras themed promotional item.

What do you think? Would green work for you to help you promote your business this year? We've got a lot more options on our website at Give us a call at 847-398-5500 or email us at to talk more. In the meantime, here's wishing you insight, balance and harmony in 2013.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Draw More Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth!

Trade show season is upon us. If you've invested a significant amount of your marketing budget in a trade show booth to promote your business, how is your company going to stand out in the crowd? How do you get your best return on investment? At trade shows, it's all about drawing traffic to your booth so you get a chance to show your product or tell your story. Contests and promotional giveaways are great way to tell your customers that you will be exhibiting and draw them to your booth. You can start marketing your involvement before the trade show even begins for maximum impact.

Here are four unique contest and promotional giveaway ideas to drive traffic to your meeting or trade show booth.

Countdown Timer: 
This magnetic reminder counts down the day, hours and minutes to the start of your important trade show, meeting, or event. Send it out in advance to encourage registration and to remind your customers to see you at the show.

Scratch-off Ticket: 
The trade show is packed with exhibitors. How do you get them to stop by your booth display?  With a scratch-off contest, of course. You can either mail out the scratch card tickets in advance so people make sure to include your booth on their trade show route. Or, distribute these cost-effective scratch-off tickets at the show. They must show up in your booth to be validated and receive their prize.  These cost-effective cards add fun and excitement to your booth and will help attract your desired prospects.

Drink Cup Promotion: 
If you are a major sponsor for a trade show or event, this promotional idea will really help draw traffic to your booth. Distribute custom-printed drink cups at the concession stands, that have a distinct code number printed on the cup. Have them bring their cup to your booth to be scanned to see if they win a prize. Variable data printing systems enable you to print one to four lines of text that can change on each cup. You can print on either the side or bottom of the cup. You can even add a QR code, so you'll have an opportunity to display your product or corporate message, as well.

Spin to Win Phone Application: 
Technology can be amazing. And, amazingly effective to help you capture leads at trade shows. With a Spin to Win phone application your attendees can play to win right in your booth using their own phone.  Not only is this cost-effective and easy to distribute (no printing costs), you are able to capture the user's data when they register to "spin" the virtual wheel. A built-in lead generator! This is one of the most up-to-date and flexible contest that you can use. You can even add survey questions to the entry requirements to get even more data from your prospects. Remember, the more information you ask a prospect to give, the more you need to reward them with a good prize.

Give us a call today to get one of these trade show, meeting, or event promotions working for you. Contact us at 847-398-5500 or via email at

What was the best trade show promotional giveaway or contest that you've seen?

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Show a Little Love

Valentine's Day will soon be upon us. While that day is special for lovers and cherished family members, don't forget to show your customers and employees some love, as well! It's a great way to have your promotional marketing item and business logo stand out from the crowd of gifts your customers received during the Holiday Season.

To show appreciation, think beyond the traditional candy and flower items to include other thoughtful and impactful gifts. There are some unique heart-shaped items that could really tell the story of your company's brand or even kick off a heart healthy wellness program. Red is not the only color that you have to use for Valentine's Day items, so pick a heart-shape item in another color that may be more appropriate to your corporate branding. We've got plenty of choices, but these are some of our favorite promotional items.

Check out this customized Valentine's Day conversation candy box. You can imprint your logo or any message on the box for a sweet promotional gift.

How about wishing your customers or employees a heart-healthy year by giving a heart-shaped pedometer?  Help them improve their vitality and increase wellness with these pedometers that can be use indoors or out.

Show "love beyond measure" with a heart shaped tape measure.  The size is easily transportable in pocket or purse, yet it is three feet long--perfect for measuring furniture or fabric. If Moms are your target market, give them this heart-shaped tape measure to keep track of their favorite loved ones' growth. Promote it as a child growth chart measuring tool.

A handy office or home item is a heart shape magnet clip, perfect for displaying papers, photos or coupons. 

And who can resist a huggable plush animal that is holding a heart?  How about sitting one on each employee's desk to show the company's appreciation?  Or send it out to their home address for greater impact? Or give them away at your February trade show so attendees can take it home as a gift for their kids?

No matter what your target market or industry, almost everyone responds to a sign of affection and appreciation. If a heart-shaped promotional item makes sense for your brand, give us a call. We have many other items to help you promote your company and stand out from the competition. Contact PromoDona today at 847-398-5500 or at

Which one of these gifts would you like to receive?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hats Off to 2013!

It's a new year and great new opportunity to promote your business. As you are thinking about your budget and unique ideas to help create awareness for your business in 2013, don't overlook hats. A question we get asked often is "Are logoed hats an effective way to advertise?" The answer is a resounding YES, depending on your target market. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)  conducted a survey to test the effectiveness of hats as a promotional marketing item and found out these interesting facts.

BY AGE16% of men ages 21-34 own a promotional hat; that percentage increased to 19% for ages 35-44, to 24% for ages 45-54 and to 27% for ages 55-64, before decreasing to 13% for the 65+ age group.  The percentages for women were 12, 10, 15, 13 and 10 respectively. Thus, promotional hats should definitely be added to your marketing mix, especially if you are targeting middle-age men.

BY HOUSEHOLD INCOME:  22% of households with an income under $50,000, had a promotional hat, which decreased slightly to 20% for households with incomes of $50,000-$99,999 and to 13% for households with incomes of $100,000 or more.

FD-200COST EFFECTIVENESS:  The average number of monthly impressions that a promotional hat receives is 443 and the lifetime number of impressions is a whopping 2,984. What does that mean?  If you spent $6.00 on a logo hat, then your cost per impression was a low $.002 each! Buy a cap at a lower price (and we have several to choose from), and your cost per impression is much lower. Plus, it's a walking billboard. Your logoed hat is not only seen by the wearer, but it's also seen by other members of your target market since people tend to hang out with people with similar interests and  demographics. 


BEST NEWS: 81% percent of consumers say they can identify the advertiser on a cap that they received.   Can your promotional item top those results?

Want to go to the head of the class? Are you targeting middle aged men for your products or services? Then, earmark some money in your 2013 marketing budget for logoed hats. We'd be happy to help you find the right head wear option for your marketing needs. Give us a call at Newport Promotions at 847-398-5500 to get started. 

Do you have any logoed hats in your closet?