Tuesday, December 20, 2016

6 Hot New Tech Promotional Products for 2017

The new year is almost upon us and that means new promotional product introductions. These six tech products will help promote your brand in the most creative way. From blue tooth products to a power bank that fits in a pen, and from a great flexible media holder to an app that will tell you when it's going to rain, all six of these promotional products are both useful and innovative. These interesting items are sure to be used on a regular basis by your clients, giving longevity to a new way to share your message.

The Reach Clip-on Media Holder

This Universal Media Clip Holder has flexible long arms and can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, or wall cabinet. Whether you are at home or on the go this media holder makes it easy to prop your device and enjoy reading or viewing on your phones or tablets anywhere. Fully adjustable at any angle to suit your needs with 360° rotation and tilt. Holds devices up to 4.5" in width and features your logo on the clip.

Wireless Ear Buds

Headphone jacks will soon become a thing of the past. Be prepared with wireless earbuds featuring a hands free double earplug design. Featuring bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology and built-in microphone with volume control. You can pair the earbuds with your smart phone to receive hands free calls. The compact case is great for pocket, purse or travel bag where your logo can be imprinted. 

Rain Alert Application

RainAlertz is a promotional app that reminds users to take their umbrella if there is a chance of rain on a particular day. RainAlertz  provides a branded microsite with your logo with the five day forecast, and it works anywhere in the world, EVERY time there is a 60% chance of rain! Stay top of mind when the app delivers a customized text message every time it rains– generating continued brand awareness via mobile advertising.

Blow On - Blow Out Light

Use this battery operated light as a night light or lantern or just a cool gadget on your desk. Turn on or off by blowing into the top. Your logo is imprinted on the front.

Blue Tooth Knit Beanie

This "smart" knit beanie offers built-in Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones with microphone for listening to music and hands free phone calls. Made of acrylic knit with ABS plastic buttons and components and rechargeable battery (included). The hat features easy-to-use interface and LED indicator lights. Your logo or marketing message is embroidered on the front in a variety of colors.

Power Bank/Pen

This twist action pen includes a stylus on the tip, a screen cleaner on the top, and your company name on the side. The power bank/pen also features a USB output and Mirco-USB input on the top end of the pen, under the screen cleaner. This device charges most phones, MP3 players, and more! Your client will never put this down.

Start your year on the cutting-edge of technology with your clients this year! Contact me to discuss the possibilities at 847-398-5500 or dona.blunt@newportpros.com.

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