Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Ideas Using Promotional Products That Will Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

You have a big trade show coming up. You've invested a lot of time and resources and you really want the investment to pay off big with new leads and new sales from existing clients. However, that can only happen if you drive traffic into your trade show booth. You need their attention so you can showcase your products and services, as well as get the opportunity to explain your unique value. So what can you do to make sure your key clients and prospects come see you at your next trade show or conference?

Believe it or not, promotional products can play a huge role in driving traffic to your booth. But I’m not talking about having the latest and greatest freebies or giveaways, although that is proven to get people to stop by your booth. I’m talking about thinking creatively and using promotional products to support a trade show marketing campaign that puts your booth on the “Must See” list for attendees.

Over the past two years I have shared several ideas on how to use promotional products to create buzz and drive traffic to your trade show booth. Here are 10 of my favorites that will hopefully inspire you to think creatively in how you market your company to drive traffic to your trade show booth.


1. See how a simple dot provides enough incentive to drive people to a trade show booth.

2. Mail your customers and prospects countdown timers before the show. Have them bring their timer to the trade show booth to win a prize.

3. Leave your customers and prospects wanting more by mailing them half of a promotional item. They’ll need to visit you at the show to get the other half.


1. Offer this service and you will have a line of people waiting to get into your booth.

2. Read how one company charged up their trade show booth traffic and saw a huge ROI for their efforts.

3. While this is a not a new idea, this tried and true promotional offering is highly valued by show attendees.

4. Hosting a hospitality event at a trade show or conference? This is a fun way to boost your brand and get people networking.

5. Here’s a game that will get attendees going to find their friends and co-workers to bring them back to your trade show booth.

6. Challenge your visitors with a scavenger hunt that will have them visiting your booth multiple times.

7. Finally, score some big traffic by playing a golf-themed game in your trade show booth.

You can find a lot more of our ideas on our Trade Show Marketing board on Pinterest or give me a call at 847-398-5500 to brainstorm the perfect promotion to drive traffic and generate leads. Rather email? Shoot me a message at

Make 2015 the year that your trade shows really pay off.

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